In Tibetan, Lu means body and Jong means training/transformation. This all-encompassing Tibetian kinetics practice from the Vajrajana tradition, was developed approximately 8000 years ago. The original exercises, which were passed on orally, assisted monks living in retreat to become and maintain health, in both body and mind.

Observations of nature combined with an understanding of the five elements (water, earth, fire, wind and space) and the interaction of mind and breath, flow through the exercises.

Lu Jong is suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness. The exercises focus mainly on the movement of the spinal column, energy channels and harmony of the internal winds (‚Lung’)

In Tibetan Medicine, all illnesses are classified as imbalances of the bile, wind or phlegm humors. These three principles, or energies (bile, wind and phlegm) are comprised of the five elements and perform the vital functions of the body. They create a sensitive system, that connects the base (or coarse physical body) layers with the fine (subtle body) layers. We become sick when the balance of the five elements and the equilibrium of the three vital fluids is disrupted.

Lu Jong Exercise Program:

5 basic exercises for balancing the 5 elements

5 exercises for mobility of the 5 body parts

5 exercises for the function of the 5 vital organs

8 exercises to benefit 8 common ailments

Warm up, breathing exercises, meditation, 5 element-massage, relaxation.

Lu Jong